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Get faster transportation and more efficient storage, hosting and transmission of media content.

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  • Fixed to wireless connectivity

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    Forget about wired cameras and microphones for content broadcast, as hi res content can be relayed in real time over 5G networks, without the need for broadcast trucks.

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O2 joined forces with ITN to deliver the UK’s first live advert over 5G. This made broadcasting the content easier, cheaper, quicker and more reliable. Find out more here:


Working with industry leaders, we are going to provide a 5G multi-angle HD video streaming service at live events, streamed directly to customers’ 5G devices. We plan to approach sporting events for our showcase.

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5G Festival

5G Festival is the world's first 5G powered, immersive hybrid festival experience. It will demonstrate how 5G can empower the music industry to: bring live festivals and music events to audiences no matter where they are in the world; help artists collaborate; and engage audiences to connect with live music, remotely or in person. Working with a variety of the music industry’s leading companies to bring this together.


These solutions can use the following technologies:

5G eMBBEnhanced mobile broadband

5G enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) could be used. This can speed up the collection and processing of high volumes of data to aid decision making or video rendering in UHD/8K/4K for entertainment or security (video capture) use cases. It also enables businesses to have the speed required to set things up quickly and change them as required. This is currently available on our 5G network today.

5G would enhance this in the future with new capabilities such as

5G uRLLCUltra reliable low latency comms

Ultra reliable low latency comms (uRLLC) is a future 5G capability that would enable near real-time response rates for critical responses, such as a machine shutting down when spotting a hazard. It will also offer a smoother, synced up to real-time user experience for VR, AR and other entertainment use cases. This 5G capability is expected to be live on our network in 2023.

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