Flexible infrastructure

Roll out infrastructure faster and have the ability to change and adjust to suit your business’s changing needs.

Solutions available

  • Dynamic manufacturing

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    Control systems wirelessly. For example, you can easily change production lines to meet differing demands to help reduce costs and inefficiencies.

  • Moving from fixed to wireless networks

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    Wireless connectivity allows you to be flexible, and 4G and 5G networks keep your connectivity secure. For example, if you’re a construction industry and you’re building on a site that doesn’t have network coverage but you need to communicate with your employees, you could have a private network in the site office which provides you with a command and control centre. A 5G private network could be used to quickly provide highly secure mobile connectivity, which businesses can re-configure themselves, to meet their changing needs.

  • Flexible stores

    Have the ability to reconfigure infrastructure to meet changing demands. For example, you could quickly set up new check-in desks in an airport or re-configure security cameras in a train station.


These solutions can use the following technologies:

5G eMBBEnhanced mobile broadband

5G enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) could be used. This can speed up the collection and processing of high volumes of data to aid decision making or video rendering in UHD/8K/4K for entertainment or security (video capture) use cases. It also enables businesses to have the speed required to set things up quickly and change them as required. This is currently available on our 5G network today.

5G Private Networks

5G private networks can provide highly secure mobile connectivity just for your business. They are expected to provide ultra-fast connectivity between industrial machines, robots and people. And the near-zero delay in latency will enable you to fully automate operations, with real-time notifications and data analysis. Private networks will be fixed to a particular location, like an office, which is expected to add another layer of control and security compared to the public 5G network, by keeping all data on the premises. We're trialling 5G private networks with customers today. Speak to your Account Manager to find out more.

5G would enhance this in the future with new capabilities such as

5G uRLLCUltra reliable low latency comms

Ultra reliable low latency comms (uRLLC) is a future 5G capability that would enable near real-time response rates for critical responses, such as a machine shutting down when spotting a hazard. It will also offer a smoother, synced up to real-time user experience for VR, AR and other entertainment use cases. This 5G capability is expected to be live on our network in 2023.

5G mMTCMassive machine type communications

Massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC) is a future 5G capability that could be used to collect and process data from multiple points on a massive scale, with thousands of devices and sensors able to connect to a single cell, allowing larger scale operations. This 5G capability is expected be live on our network in 2023.

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