Independent living

Help customers with special health needs to move, live and transact with greater independence.

Solutions available

  • Environmental monitoring

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    Measure whether the person is up and going about their daily routine, like switching lights on and off. If they’re not, the technology could automatically raise the alarm that there may be a problem.

  • Health monitoring

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    In the future, multiple sensors might be required to track and monitor users' health, safety and wellbeing. For example, monitoring blood oxygen levels or whether they’ve had a fall and alerting the emergency services or an emergency contact.


These solutions can use the following technologies:

LTE-MLte-machine type communication (mtc)

LTE-M could be used to deliver some of these solutions today. LTE-M is a low power, wide area network technology that uses our 4G network to connect IoT devices. It will allow hundreds of sensors to be connected per cell site and can be used for monitoring and tracking assets.

5G eMBBEnhanced mobile broadband

5G enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) could be used. This can speed up the collection and processing of high volumes of data to aid decision making or video rendering in UHD/8K/4K for entertainment or security (video capture) use cases. It also enables businesses to have the speed required to set things up quickly and change them as required. This is currently available on our 5G network today.

5G would enhance this in the future with new capabilities such as

5G mMTCMassive machine type communications

Massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC) is a future 5G capability that could be used to collect and process data from multiple points on a massive scale, with thousands of devices and sensors able to connect to a single cell, allowing larger scale operations. This 5G capability is expected be live on our network in 2023.

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